Veronique La Perriere M. Creates Creepy and Whimsical Worlds

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: galeriesas & mymodernmet
Artist Veronique La Perriere M. deals in the surreal. Her charcoal artworks are like fragments from a dream, especially since many of the images themselves are fragmented. Although there is an undertone of creepiness throughout her portfolio, she manages to soften that vibe with breathtaking, whimsical details that help observers to focus on the beauty of the work and not just the context of it.

Veronique La Perriere M. writes, "recent drawings linger in the land of the conscious and the unconscious and probe how the body can give visibility to a psychic world. The images propose fantastic and poetic anomalies of the human body, as manifestations of foreign and remote components, which surface, mark, transform and metamorphosize the body and its content."