Verified by Xyrena is a Scent for Elite Millennial & Gen Z Users

 - Dec 31, 2018
References: xyrena & luxurylaunches
Fragrance company Xyrena has introduced a range of unconventional products over the years—including "the world's first unscented perfume"—and its newest release, Verified by Xyrena, is an exclusive one that is only available to those who have had their accounts verified on social media.

The unisex 'Verified by Xyrena' is branded as "the most exclusive fragrance for the digital era," specifically appeals to just the 0.004% of the population that has been officially verified on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Xyrena’s GlamTube.
While the perfume is shared on Xyrena's website, complete with a price, that resembles a traditional product sales page, prospective buyers are required to get verified by Xyrena before placing an order.

In terms of scent, Verified by Xyrena is said to be fresh and young with top notes of watermelon, grapefruit and spicy pink pepper, as well as grounding with its base of white musk, birch wood, cedar and sandalwood.