The Velvet Italy October 2012 Photoshoot Stars a Vain Morgane Warnier

Model Morgane Warnier does not make any attempt to hide her narcissistic side from the camera in the Velvet Italy October 2012 editorial. Even though she is already posing infront of the lens for photographer Karen Collins, she finds it necessary to additionally strike self-seductive stances in front of numerous mirrors. She is completely enamored with herself and is clearly not ashamed of this fact.

Titled 'Specchio Delle Mie Brame,' which means 'Mirror on the Wall' in Italian, the Velvet Italy October 2012 editorial alludes to the classic fairy tale 'Snow White.' The French model is far from evil, however. She is simply vain. Helping her vanity is stylist Sabrina Vanotti along with hairstylist Alessandro Rebecchi and makeup artist Miriam Langellotti.