This Campaign Suggests Pairing Vanilla Pocky with Strawberry Tea

 - Mar 1, 2017
While one can undoubtedly snack on Creamy Vanilla Pocky biscuit sticks right out of the box, the brand's newest campaign suggests that this particular variety is best enjoyed alongside a beverage.

This Pocky product is said to pair exceptionally well with a new strawberry-flavored tea, and together the food and beverage create a flavor that reminds of strawberry shortcake.

Rather than putting time and money into the research and development of new product flavors, many food and beverage brands are simply opting to create campaigns that help consumers come up with some of the ways that their favorite foods and drinks can be paired with other items for optimal enjoyment. As well as satisfying a consumer's desire for experimentation, the idea of "pairings" seems to borrow sophistication from wine and beer culture.