These Emotive Eggs by Vanessa Dualib Look Like They're About to Crack

 - May 24, 2011
References: vanessadualib & golberz
Whether they are stuck behind bars or awaiting the treacherous fate of boiling water, these Emotive Egg artworks by Vanessa Dualib are full of expression. If you've ever wondered how your egg really feels before submerging it in boiling hot water, these designs will provide ample insight.

Vanessa Dualib does an amazing job at taking an everyday edible object and bringing it to life. Her work is humorous, yet subtle as she draws a group of sad eggs weeping around a cracked shell, or pencils on looks of terror as a hand lowers the egg into boiling water. Whatever emotion Vanessa Dualib tries to achieve, she always ensures her subjects convey as much expression as possible. It's hard not to feel sorry for these fragile snacks.