The Vandenberg: Life Below The Surface Exhibit is Completely Submerged

 - Mar 7, 2012
References: staudinger-franke & frameweb
The Vandenberg: Life Below The Surface art exhibit is completely submerged under water. Created by Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke, this stunning art show requires scuba gear.

Showcased on a submerged Air Force ship 28m below sear level, this Florida Keys exhibit is an eccentric way to express one's love for art. The 61m long ship serves as the gallery for a series of Franke's photographic masterpieces.

Franke's photographs depict the shipwreck and are altered with additional imagery that includes everyday activities by individuals. Created with a soft and vintage-inspired aesthetic in mind, this hazy portrait series is juxtaposed against the stark and industrial backdrop of the disheveled ship.

Encased in plexi-glass boxes, Franke's works are protected. The Vandenberg: Life Below The Surface art exhibit invites gallery visitors underwater for an art experience to remember.