Capsula Store by GoSKE PROJECT Looks More Like an Art Exhibit

Designers Sandor Gocsei and Eniko Korompay from architectural design firm GoSKE PROJECT have created this elegant and contemporary space for the Capsula store in Budapest, Hungary. This large multi-brand fashion retailer now has a chic and contemporary interior that comprises a black and white palette and minimalistic design accents.

The designers infused the interior with large, arched white surfaces and a very open design, which makes the Capsula store look almost like a museum. The mannequins display the store's wares like art objects and above one of them -- located in front of a wall with bubble-like openings to display shoes and purses from the likes of Tom Ford, YSL and D&G -- has a giant shard of black glass hanging from the ceiling above it.

The photographs of the Capsula store featured in the gallery were taken by Tamas Bujnovszky.