Vally Nomidou Makes Perfect Paper People

These amazing sculptures by Greek artist Vally Nomidou are "pulp-ably" pretty.

Vally Nomidou creates works that are drenched in meaning, yet are extremely delicate. This is because her materials consist strictly of paper and cardboard products. While other papercraft artists rely on metal or wooden frames inside their sculptures for support, Vally insists that her pieces be 100% paper. The interior of the sculptures holds a grid of vertical and horizontal cardboard strips that add support. The outside of this grid is covered in paper mache skin and corrugated coifs.

Vally Nomidou proves that she is a paper prodigy with this series of stunning sculptures.

Implications - Consumers appreciate products and artworks that are handcrafted rather than factory made. This is because they are usually higher quality, more rare, and have a greater sentimental value. Companies can appeal to their target markets by manufacturing goods that are handcrafted.