Valentino Fiadini Captures Deceiving Toy Architectural Spaces

 - Apr 26, 2012
References: & mymodernmet
Valentino Fiadini snaps some stunning shots of deceptive LEGO rooms. They are deceptive because although the rooms look like they can fit a human body or two, in reality a person would have trouble fitting just one hand inside. Valentino Fiadini created these LEGO rooms himself, and he is certainly no architect. It is his clever photographer eye that skews the scale to make them appear larger than they actually are.

Based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Valentino Fiadini's latest photo exhibition is playful and clever. He imaginatively uses bright lights to make it appear as though sunlight is streaming in through the 'windows,' adding to the illusion that the rooms are human-sized. Since Valentino Fiadini's expertise lies in architectural photography, his LEGO rooms were a natural artistic step for him.