This Valentine's Day Prank Plays Cupid with Unsuspecting Strangers

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: youtube
This year's Valentine’s Day prank from MediocreFilms on YouTube plays cupid and brings total strangers together. Even though it’s just a prank, the stunt may have even sparked some real romance.

Prankster Greg Benson begins by acting as the messenger, who delivers a red rose to women and then points to a random secret admirer who supposedly sent it over. The women are totally charmed and this gesture usually gets big smiles. After receiving the flower, the women usually go to thank the unsuspecting, clueless guys.

In one case, after being approached by one of cupid’s victims, a man truthfully states that he didn’t send a rose. Fortunately the woman’s embarrassment seems short-lived, as the male prank victim asks if he can sit beside her. Unfortunately not all the results were as heart-warmingly sweet, but that's what happens when you toy with people's hearts.