These DIY Heart Stamps Make Any Cardstock Instantly Valentine's-Ready

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: upcyclethat
Valentine's is often chalked up as a Hallmark holiday that's easily bought pre-packaged, but with the advent of Pinterest and consumers rebelling against store-bought, these DIY heart stamps are a cute example of how to reclaim the holiday of love as your own.

Starting with a simple cork, the DIY heart stamps only require a putty knife and an attention to detail to be created. What's best about these DIY heart stamps is the versatility the DIY offers; simply switch up the heart for another shape (a shamrock for St. Patty's or a tree for Christmas) and you've got a nearly free stamp that adds an eclectic touch. Use them year-round to spread a little love and joy to any cardstock in the office or around the house.