The Vagabond Mobile Safe House Design Protects in a Pinch

If the zombie apocalypse ever does go from concept to reality, then I'll want to be first in line to buy the Vagabond Mobile Safe House Design. The Vagabond Mobile Safe House Design is the winner of the 2011 Zombie Safe House competition. This portable shelter was designed by Austin Fleming and is designed to make life in a world ruled by zombies safer.

The Vagabond Mobile Safe House Design gets its unique design from the armor of an armadillo, the flexibility of Slinky and the protectiveness of an igloo. Seriously. The shelter has photovoltaic panels that convert the rays of the sun into electricity. The electricity can power small appliances or charge gadgets. The shelter also features a wind turbine that circulates fresh air throughout the shelter. Perhaps the greatest feature of this design is that it can be worn on the back ensuring that there will always be a safe house for you to stay in no matter where you go. Bring it on, zombies!