Vaccum-Sealed Couples by Photographer Hal

Japanese-born artist Photographer Hal is keeping his work airtight by snapping pictures of vacuum-sealed couples. These fantastic plastic photos are downright odd and leave many onlookers asking "why?"
Most of the images feature bright neon-esque backgrounds with blazing blues and radical reds. A few of the models are also wearing clothing that looks like it came from a Japanese version of Alice and Wonderland. The airless couples inside the bags are jammed together with no room to maneuver. Many of the duos look depressed while others appear to be screaming and they have good reason too. Who would want to get inside a plastic bag and have the air sucked out even if the reason is for the greater good of art?
If these vacuum-sealed couples photos have some deep symbolism involved, that symbolism is very very deep and has yet to be discovered.