This Handy Widget Can Be Easily Added To Websites and Blogs

 - Aug 12, 2014
References: weatheryou
The Vacation Countdown Widget is a handy desktop widget created by WeatherYou, which specializes in free widgets that can be easily added to websites and blogs. This handy widget allows you to download and display a countdown clock on most common platforms including Blogger, MySpace, IGoogle, Twitter, TypePad, WordPress, Windows Vista and more.

The Vacation Countdown Widget is more than just any old countdown clock however; it lets you tell others when and where you're going. It can even display an "I'm away" message on your blog while you're away, while counting down to your return. It can even keep track of the amount of time that's passed since your last holiday.

The widget comes in a variety of skins that can be customized to suit your website.