These Lenses not only change eye colour, but glow under UV light

 - Jan 3, 2013
References: colouryoureyes & wired
It can get pretty competitive on the dance floor at your favorite club or dance hall. So, for that extra little edge for you attention seekers, these contact lenses will glow with your choice of color under certain UV lights; such as the ones commonly found at raves and clubs.

There are actually plenty of manufacturers who produce lenses like these, such as and

It doesn’t matter if you want your eyes to glow red like a demon, glow green like Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern movie, or even make a far too literal recreation of A Clockwork Orange on your eyeballs, there’s a solution for all your eye color change needs from these manufacturers.

The lenses don’t obscure vision, but don’t provide UV protection either. Some versions can even glow with patterns and shapes instead of just solid colors too. The future is here, and it’s fashion for your eyeballs.