Subversive Urban Art by DFace

 - Dec 5, 2008
References: dface
Watch out for the alien spray can intrusion! In this new age of street art, artists have to express themselves far more creatively than merely covering walls with spray paint.

I love this urban sculptural guerrilla artwork by UK artist D*face. These days, the authorities are waiting down back alleys like hawks to keep the public spaces clean. This is a big shame, I think, as urban art is often deliciously refreshing and thought-provoking--just like these ironic spray can sculptures by D*face.

The video features a great D*face installation show that was on at the Black Rat Press earlier this year in London entitled 'aPOPcalypse Now,' which showed that D*face is a novel-thinking street artist with a lot more up his sleeve than painting walls. The show was a big commentary on advertising and subliminal brand brainwash.