Louis Dazy Captures Candid City Moments with Vibrant Shadowy Hues

 - Aug 19, 2016
References: louisdazy.tumblr & fubiz.net
A photographer from Melbourne, Australia, Louis Dazy has a talent for lensing unique moments throughout his series of urban photography.

He generates dreamy visuals by focusing in on private moments with his subjects, showing them in intimate interactions with one another, looking to their surroundings pensively or caught up in the beauty of the bright city lights. Although the majority of Louis Dazy's photography includes human subjects, he also has a keen eye for capturing inanimate objects creatively.

He uses natural reflections to his advantage frequently as well, giving his urban photography a multi-layered effect that can sometimes be confusing to look at. In addition, Louis Dazy's use of this can aid the viewer in drawing conclusions on the subjects he includes, making for imagery that's rich with an imaginative dialogue.