From Hipster Olympics to Weezer Snuggies

 - Jan 19, 2010
References: trendhunter
Hipster fashion, stuff hipsters hate and the hipster olympics. Today we hunt: URBAN HIPSTER.

10.  What hipster would be complete without being well-acquainted with famed scenster hangout Urban Outfitters. Now this retail chain not only sells tight pants and plaid shirts, they also have their own custom bike shop!

9.  Weezer is back with a new album and you know what that means – the ultra-hip band is giving their fans snuggies with each purchase of an album. Viral internet phenomenons are a great way to maintain street cred.

8.  Juno star Ellen Page and her ‘Whip It’ co-star Alia Shawkat of Arrested Development are teaming up to write a single-camera the comedy show ‘Stitch N’ Bitch’ for HBO. Expect lots of awkward laughs and a large following.

7.  Stuff Hipsters Hate is a blog that will help you to understand this illustrious breed of subculture. Hide you blackberrys, ABBA CDs and Abercrombie sweaters.

6.  American Apparel has been one of the forward-thinking leaders in this movement. Now, as if you couldn’t figure it out for yourself, they have their own how-to fashion videos on youtube. Now even the daftest of hipsters can learn how to properly rock spandex.

5.  The beautiful thing about hipsterdom is the fact that it is completely genderless. Subculture icon Chloe Sevigny teamed up with Opening Ceremony to create this cool unisex line.

4.  Dim Mak Records is one label that is a driving force in the hipster handbook for survival. Headed by famed DJ Steve Aoki, bands like The Bloody Beetroots and the Crookers are all represented by this ultra-trendy label.

3.  There are many things hipsters make fun of, but there are also many people who make fun of hipsters – hence the blog ‘Look at This F*cking Hipster.’

2.  No one quite knows the hipster lifestyle better than Mark Hunter, aka The Cobra Snake. Be prepared to visit his blog and be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed depending on your taste) with an array of tight pants, plaid shirts and lasse faire attitudes.

1. This parody of hipster lifestyle shows "The Hipster Olympics." Watch as contestants scramble to take the perfect Myspace photo, see who can use an ATM and who is generally more lethargic. This contest is so hip, it hurts.

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