Muralfest Hits the Walls and Streets of Winnipeg

No one wants to live in a black and white world. We need color! Urban beautification, like that seen at Muralfest in Winnipeg, brushes our streets with individuality and brightness, dulling out the cold gray walls that surrounds us.

The Graffiti Gallery generates public interest and hopes to educate the public to understand and appreciate street art. The Graffiti Gallery is doing their part in an attempt to beautify the city. They are currently working on a series of movable outdoor murals that will be mounted on walls of the city, rotating the murals so that neighbours of the art will have an ever-changing view for the years to come.

These murals have been seen as the new walls of many building in historical Winnipeg for several months now being completed in July for the 1st annual Mural Fest.

From the extremes of Banksy to a non-profit organization like the Graffiti Gallery, there is a movement towards the acceptance of street art in today’s culture.