The Up 5 Chair by Gaetano Pesce is an Avant Garde Piece of Furniture

 - Feb 10, 2014
References: bebitalia & trendir
The Up 5 Chair is a bulbous seating option that could easily fit on the set of a Dave LaChapelle photoshoot. Yet for all of its edgy modernity, it was originally designed in 1969 by Italian Architect Gaetano Pesce. Brought back into production by B&B Italia, it boasts quite a statement, which doesn't solely revolve around its unique proportions.

A metaphorical expression for women, the Up 5 Chair takes on the form of a fertility figure that is chained down by a ball-shaped ottoman. Created to address the idea of a woman as a prisoner and victim who is subservient to male prejudices, the Up 5 Chair is quite heavy in spite of its otherwise cartoonish appeal.

The Up 5 Chair is available in a variety of colors and finishes including all-wood.