Unseen by Valentin van der Meulen are Ghostly Charcoal Works of Art

 - Jun 12, 2014
References: valentinvandermeulen & fubiz.net
There is a haunting essence behind the art series titled Unseen by Valentin van der Meulen, an artist who lives and works in Paris and Lille, France. Each piece is created with charcoal and blackstone. Yet the images are realistic enough to be considered black and white photographs that have been ruined in the printing process. Or scratched out intentionally.

Whatever people may imagine the motive behind Unseen by Valentin van der Meulen, it is easy to agree that the ghostly quality of each image will send a chill down anyone's spine. Through his chosen medium, the French artist essentially destroys the identity of his subjects. It is up to his audience to figure out if there is any malice behind the madness.