The 'Unnamed Soundsculpture' Piece by Franke and Kiefer is Moving

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: wearechopchop & weloveviral.blogspot
Artists Daniel Franke and Cedric Kiefer have teamed up to produce their film short entitled, 'Unnamed Soundsculpture.' By merging the movements of a dancer with a Kinect, otherwise known as a motion sensing input device, they have provided a detailed look into the digital portrayal of a human art form.

The Unnamed Soundsculpture production begins with the unmistakable outline of a dancer. As the song goes on throughout the 5-minute set, the same dancer assumes various positions and contortions, all of which are in line with the rhythm. The melodious dance is all the while veiled by a digital, sand-like substance, resulting in reoccurring miniature ash-like explosions. This merger of technology with talent is exceptional, and the Franke-Kiefer duo has certainly touched upon a relevant topic.