Six Things to Do with Your Beard Brought to You by Schick® Quattro®

 - Jul 11, 2014
References: schick & youtube
Beards are great. They serve so many purposes, like allowing you to hide behind a curtain of facial hair’re lost and contemplating life. Here are six things we recommend doing with your beard. After you check off the list, watch this video from Schick® Quattro® to learn why real guys shave.

1)You can let your little sister French braid your beard.
2)You can hide the leftovers from lunch in your beard for a mid-afternoon snack.
3)You can spray paint your beard white and audition for the role of Santa Claus at the mall during the holidays.
4)You can bedazzle your beard and become a human disco ball.
5)You can use your beard as a napkin when you’re too lazy to get up and get one.
6)You can become a real guy and SHAVE off your beard.

It’s the summer of strong jawlines everywhere. Join the Schick® Quattro® movement to ditch your facial safety blanket and show America that you are not afraid to be a real guy.