LG Electronics is Using a Unique Magazine Ad for its OLED TV Debut

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: techinvestornews & theverge
LG is using a unique magazine ad to publicize its 4mm-thin OLED TV, and engaging unsuspecting readers into further investigation.

On the spine of the Nordic electronics magazine, LG placed its tagline to show consumers its new ultra-thin OLED TV. While this might seem like a futile attempt at advertising, considering that Sound & Vision readers are not the typical target consumers of the LG’s OLED TV, it is meant to make people inquire about the product.

Due to its lack of ostentatious tactics that so many electronic companies use, the simple tagline on the spine of the magazine will have readers inquire about the product and aim to discover more about it. The ad is also symbolic of classic LG technology in the way that it is thin, simple to understand and experimental in its designs.