The Undescribeable Lemonade is Made with all Natural Ingredients

 - Jun 27, 2013
References: undescribeablelemonade & ibelieveinadv
Brought to you by Coca-Cola, the Undescribeable Lemonade campaign features witty phrases regarding the all natural juice concoction.

Surprising in more ways than one, the lemonade doesn't actually have a name, choosing to brand itself on an almost anonymous level. Because it focuses on natural and healthy ingredients, the brand has strayed from its brand name, a strategy that will appeal to hipsters and those who enjoy scouring for products that fly under the radar. The second surprise is that this lemonade is actually made with vegetable juices, upping the health-factor and piquing consumer curiosity regarding its mysterious flavor.

Trying to capture the appeal of je ne sais quoi, the Undescribeable Lemonade campaign is discreet about its labels and logos.