UnderPressure Packaging Seems to Ooze its Contents Upon Contortion

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: m3architecten & packagingoftheworld
The irony of UnderPressure packaging is that it's actually quite strong, despite the semblance that it's been twisted and squeezed into an unusual shape. The way that the six long side segments of cardboard have been cut and bound together actually makes the overall assembly surprisingly stiff.

Remko van Buren thought outside of the box with this design, taking a bit of an origami approach to reinventing the boring box. While a sturdy base keeps the carton composed, an elegant overlapping rosette top introduces a bit of unexpected embellishment.

Here, UnderPressure packaging has been staged with an empty swinging seal-cap vessel, but the clever creased sleeve could be used to contain any bottled product -- or any bottle-less product for that matter. What encourages the former, however, is the incorporation of a faux ink leak that drips down the box like a consequence of its contortion.