This Infographic Explains Different Types of Wine Glasses

 - Apr 27, 2014
References: riedel &
There are so many different types of wine glasses on the market, so which one do you use when you're drinking red, white or sparkling wine? The 'Wine Glass Guide' infographic by Riedel explains which wines go with which wine glasses.

According to the 'Wine Glass Guide,' the general rule for types of wine glasses is the wider the bowl, the darker the wine. Different Skinner flukes are better for champagne whereas wider glasses are ideal for swishing around red wine to air out the flavors.

Choosing a wine glass is just as important as drinking the wine itself because the glass is meant to open up the wine to each of the five human senses. A wine's flavor, finish, texture and bouquet can all be compromised if you don't drink it from the right type of glass -- so choose wisely.