Foodie Mike Geno Paints Different Delicious Types of Cheese

 - May 1, 2013
References: mikegeno & faithistorment
It seems that artist Mike Geno's paintings are made particularly for those with a keen interest in all different types of cheese. His latest series is in fact a vast collection of cheese paintings, portraying more types of dairy products than I even knew existed.

As a food-lover myself, I am thoroughly enjoying browsing through this series of food portraits, especially with all of the texture and detailing depicted so vividly. Forget the processed, pre-sliced products, clearly Geno is working with gourmet cheeses that would be the pride of any platter. Those who enjoy fine foods and have an affinity for dairy will want a few of these delectable artworks.

Mike Geno gives artisan cheese a new meaning with his paintings that picture types of cheese.