Twofoods Compares and Counts Calories in a Ridiculously Easy-to-Use Manner

 - Oct 8, 2009
References: weightwatchers & thrillist
Two important things I have learned from the TwoFoods site: if you are going on a diet, stay away from Dairy Queens "Flamethrower" burger--that meaty beast packs a whopping 1,060 artery-clogging calories of beefy goodness--and that Greek salads are a good thing.

The makers of TwoFoods have answered the prayers of dieters and the calorie-conscious all over the world with their ridiculously simple-to-use website that counts the calories and compares two different food choices.

The TwoFoods start page is a simple purple screen bearing the name of the website with two spaces to type in two different foods that you would like to have compared.

Just for the hell of it, I typed in a few random items into TwoFoods see what would come up and was pleasantly surprised with the results; an easy-to-read chart that features different brands of the items that you can click on and compare.