The Twheel Twitter App is an Efficient Visual Platform

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: fastcodesign &
The Twheel Twitter app is a way to synthesize information on a data-heavy social media platform.

The developers at Twheel found that synthesizing the mass amounts of content on Twitter was difficult when armed with just a scroll option. Aiming to create a more intuitive and visual way to experience the Twitterverse, Twheel was born. It's an app that shows 30 Tweets in a radial configuration. Much like you would on an iPod's click wheel, the user runs their thumb around the wheel to read updates. Once a Tweet has been read, the bar turns from orange to clear, which helps to keep track of what you have read. An added bonus is the app's 'hot' feature, which tracks the success of a Tweet that has received 'retweet' and 'favourite' attention.

Whether Twitter will be able to counteract its clutter will be an issue that determines the company's success or demise.