Tushar Lakhanpal's Pencil Collection Amounts to 14,000 Utensils

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: dailymail & fubiz.net
I guarantee that you will have more than a mild reaction to Tushar Lakhanpal's pencil collection. The 15-year-old boy from New Delhi, India, may just have the world's largest hoard of writing utensils, and would you really be surprised?

His implement inventory has been counted at around 14,000 individual pieces that have come from about 40 different countries. He claims that he even has a gold-plated set of scribblers that may once have been possessed and used by Queen Elizabeth II.

Tushar Lakhanpal's pencil collection is certainly an overwhelming sight to see! The volume of graphite-cored doodlers is absolutely mind-boggling, and it is fascinating to see how the teenager has gone to the trouble of organizing the utensils into color-coded containers.