Caulipower's All Natural Pepperoni Pizza Replaces Red Meat With Poultry

 - Feb 13, 2019
References: eatcaulipower
Caulipower's All Natural Uncured Turkey Pepperoni Pizza replaces the classic beef and pork topping with a turkey ingredient. The food brand prides itself on creating healthier alternatives to traditional comfort foods and is known for its cauliflower crust which is Paleo-friendly and free from gluten.

This tasty and health-conscious pizza is preservative-free and boasts uncured turkey pepperoni that is paired with a blend of mozzarella white cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil and spices. While traditional cured meat toppings can be overly processed or high in sodium, this product is a lot more diet-friendly and replaces artificial additives with natural preservatives like nitrates that naturally occur is salt and spices.

Allowing foodies to indulge without the guilt, this healthy pizza option is diet-friendly without skipping out on flavor.