Turkey Hill's Iced Tea Commercial Proves Why Organic is Better

 - Jun 15, 2015
References: adsoftheworld
Turkey Hill is an organic iced tea brand that prides itself on quality and authenticity. The company's recent commercial celebrates wholesome ingredients and proves why organic products are a smarter choice for consumers. In addition to describing its iced tea's locally sourced ingredients -- Turkey Hill is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania -- the ad also describes the beverage's naturally sweetened recipe and suggests that the concoction has been passed down for generations.

Embracing wholesome branding, Turkey Hill's iced tea commercial proves why authentic and organic beverages are worth investing in. Unlike most store-bought juices -- that contain added sugars -- this naturally sweetened recipe is a healthier alternative to the traditional fruit beverage. Its branding appeal to suburban parents who are looking for wholesome and healthy ingredients when shopping for their family.