Tubulars' Straws Infuse Plain Milk with Tasty Flavors

Tubulars Milk Flavoring Straws are designed to encourage kids to drink dairy products. There are tons of kids who don't like the taste of plain milk, and this has been addressed with numerous types of syrups, but Tubulars is a quick, super easy and mess-free way to instantly add a kick to milk.

The insides of the straws contain "Unibeads," which make sure that flavors like chocolate, strawberry, banana, cookie and kiwi are evenly dispersed until the last drops of milk are gone. In addition to this, these flavor-infusing straws only contain two grams of sugar. Tubulars also has another line of straws in four different flavors that add probiotic benefits to milk, which makes a healthy beverage even more nutritious and easy to get down.