The Tropicana Brighter Mornings Campaign Lights up the Night

Nature-defying tactics are a surefire way to get consumer attention, and the Tropicana Brighter Mornings campaign set during the early morning hours at Trafalgar square is proof. The fake sun shone just as brightly as the real thing, and proved to be a successful new marketing stunt for Tropicana.

At 6:51 a.m. the fake sun, made from over 60,000 light bulbs and can apparently be seen from outer space, was lit in Trafalgar Square to be admired and photographed by early risers during their morning routines. The golden glow offered by the Tropicana man-made sun was a marketing effort for the Tropicana Brighter Mornings campaign. Named the 'Trafalgar Sun,' the sphere weighs over 2,500 kilograms and took six months to build.