'Tropical House Urveel' Uses Creative Bricklaying for Airflow

 - May 16, 2017
References: archdaily
Tropical House Urveel, a luxurious abode in India, is made from an uncommon material considering its affluence: bricks.

The home is built in a tropical region, and while that climate certainly has more than a few benefits, the one obvious drawback is the extreme temperatures that arise during the warm months. As such, homes in the area are typically designed to be as cool as possible, right down to the choice of materials. Though red bricks are the opposite of a cooling material, Design Work Group, the architects behind Tropical House Urveel, managed to use the attractive bricks while still allowing for cool airflow.

Tropical House Urveel's brick walls are constructed with a spaced pattern that allows for cross-breezes to pass through while still keeping the home secure.