Pornhub's Trickpics is Branded as "Snapchat for Nudes"

 - Apr 19, 2017
References: pornhub & thenextweb
Trickpics is a new app from Pornhub, and though it comes from the popular porn site, the photo-sharing app doesn't function the way one might expect. Instead of giving users a way to share their private parts, Trickpics does just the opposite: it uses cheeky filters to cover up users' most sensitive bits. In other words, Pornhub has created what it calls "Snapchat for nudes."

Indeed, Trickpics works almost the same as Snapchat, albeit for different parts of the body. While Snapchat has gained popularity in part thanks to its fun filters that alter and augment users' faces, Trickpics uses the same tech to cover up users' private parts. Filters on the app include snakes and eggplants for men and machine guns and chastity belts for women.