The TrewGrip Mobile Keyboard Connects with on-the-go Technology

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: trewgrip & gizmag
The TrewGrip mobile keyboard has taken inspiration from the on-the-go lifestyle of our world, and has finally created a board that is in line with current needs.

Gone are the days of computing only taking place at a desktop, and there needed to be an invention that will allow users to use a keyboard for all their methods of technology. This keyboard is bent on either side, and that is where the keys are placed. There is a plateau in the middle where you can put your smartphone or tablet.

The bends in the keyboard allow it to fit properly on your legs, but will also fit on a table. The TrewGrip mobile keyboard is also compatible with smart TVs, and it will enable you to use your technology with ease.

Most of us have become dependent on our pieces of technology, and this keyboard will let us use them without getting a horrible pain in our backs.