Treviso Comic Book Festival 'Unity Through Diversity'

The TCBF (Treviso Comic Book Festival) is probably the most interesting Italian art festival yet, focusing on comic and graphic illustration. The Festival, which will take place in Treviso from September 21st to September 29th, turns ten this year and shows it off with completely new, fresh rebranding.

The guest authors and artists (Luca Barcellona, Simone Rea, Sara Pichelli, Johnny Ryan and Fanny Michaelis, to name a few) were asked to design their own personal typographic interpretation of the acronymous TCBF. The results were then put together and mixed to recompose a bunch of heterogeneous logotypes.

This gives the Treviso Comic Book Festival a very strong graphic identity through very different visual approaches. Unity through diversity is its message, which embodies the soul of the festival. Hosting 20 exhibitions across the city, free workshops, speeches, a "toy night" (a collective live performance on vinyl toys), and lots of occasions to meet the authors, the festival is as playful as its branding.