Now Publishing Up To 3x An Hour

 - Jun 29, 2008
References: trendhunter
UPDATED (JUNE 29): Forget about 10pm, and forget about 3x a day.

To feed you more delicious trends, will now be publishing up to 3x an hour THROUGHOUT the day!

Previously, we would publish all 30-60 trends each day at 10pm. But then we had the following meeting:

Bianca: "People aren't just hungry for new trends in the evening."
Jeremy: "You're right! What about breakfast? And lunch?"
Bianca: "Damn it, the people need their trends!"

Accordingly, we've updated our routine.

Having said that, we'll still be placing our articles in a cue, publishing edited articles once every 20 minutes.

This should be great news for all the Trend Hunters who previously had to watch their cool discoveries from our Trend Hunters sitting in the cue all day.