The Herald News: Trend Hunter TV's 'Top 20 Trends In 2009' Featured

 - Jan 9, 2009
References: heraldnews
The Herald News of Fall River, Massachusetts featured Trend Hunter TV’s ‘Top 20 Trends in 2009’ episode in a feature on the prevalence of do-it-yourself trends in 2009. The original Trend Hunter TV episode covered our forecast of the Top 20 Trends for 2009 according to Trend Hunter Research, and can be seen above.

An excerpt from the piece in The Herald News:

DIY also made the top-20 list of

Other trends listed were: a return to the kitchen for home-made grub; ugly beauty, "shockvertising" or pushing the envelope in advertising, geek pride, urban gardening, customizing clothing and products online, a love for retro, downsizing in innovative ways, and "credit crunch couture" making one’s own jewelry and clothing.

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