The Swurfer is an Interactive Aerial Interpretation of the Water Sport

 - Feb 1, 2016
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
Offering an unconventional outdoor play experience is the Swurfer tree surfboard that converts the typical water sport into a fun aerial activity. The swing is designed to be a standing experience for children to practice their balance on as they sway from side to side.

The Swurfer is a dry land surfing experience for young children to enjoy outdoors. The maple wood board's body is slightly more curved at the ends and shorter in length than a conventional surfboard. The ends are suspended to a sturdy branch of a tree using resistant rope and include handles on either side. Children can either sit or sand, practicing their agility and balance skills while the Swurfer board moves around underneath them. The Swurfer allows children to explore the motions of surfing while still on dry land.