The 'Wrap-a-Nap' Travel Eye Mask Pillow Enables Rest Almost Anywhere

 - Nov 26, 2015
References: amazon & odditymall
Catching some shuteye on a flight or in the terminal can be essential for business travelers or simply those who need to arrive at their destination as refreshed as possible, so the 'Wrap-a-Nap' Travel Eye Mask Pillow is here to help you nap in an innovative way.

Able to be worn around the neck, like a headband or even around your eyes to block out light, the 'Wrap-a-Nap' Travel Eye Mask Pillow comes in a variety of colors and is made from soft, malleable materials to ensure that no matter the position you get into that you'll be comfy.

The 'Wrap-a-Nap' Travel Eye Mask Pillow is held firmly to your cranium thanks to the Velcro on the rear that will enable people with head shapes of all kinds to utilize it.