Travel Behavior 2013 Infographic Exposes Tourists' Financial Fears

 - Dec 3, 2012
Though relaxing, traveling can be quite expensive and with more and more competitive cheap travel-booking sites, the mentality of tourists is to go the cheap way in all respects, as is revealed by the Travel Behavior 2013 infographic.

While many airports and hotels offer express and expedited services to frequent travelers, many other flyers believe that this service should be removed. The Travel Behavior 2013 infographic also reveals that as much as 25% of travelers don't tip housekeeping and over 50% avoid the bellhop so they can avoid tipping. Vacations are usually an escape or a way to relax from the chaos at home or at work, but it seems as if many of these services are providing an inconvenience for a lot of tourists that would simply like to be left alone on their journey.