The Traveler Allergy Guide Keeps Tourists Comfortable and Safe

 - Jun 20, 2012
This Traveler Allergy Guide helps movers and shakers ensure that health reactions don't get in the way of a vacation.

Advising tourists to take extra care in ensuring they can avoid allergens no matter where they may find themselves, the chart is a helpful tool. Sure to keep people from running into devastating health situations while abroad or otherwise far from home, the chart is a must-read for those who experience dangerous or disruptive reactions. Though a few of the tips included in the chart are self-explanatory and obvious, many are actually quite thoughtful and could make for a more comfortable trip. Beautifully designed, the graph features easy-to-understand graphics and has just the right amount of information to keep readers interested.

Though created by an allergy medicine company, this chart is a great pre-trip tool.