Bruce Peterson's Trash Photography is Mysterious Yet Intriguing

 - Aug 22, 2014
References: offset & featureshoot
Boston-based photographer Bruce Peterson's latest project is a series of trash photography.

Peterson, who specializes in still-life photography, makes garbage items you normally wouldn't glance twice at -- bubble wrap, plastic bags and bottle caps -- look completely hypnotizing. Against unadorned black-and-white backgrounds, the sad remnants of our hyper-consumerist culture become beautiful, silhouetted figures.

Within Peterson's carefully executed compositions, pieces of garbage are given a second life. This time, instead of being reduced to an obstruction to the goods within, what was formerly packaging now becomes the final commodity. Though the once-discarded plastics and papers now look sleek and sophisticated, the images are loaded with an ominous sense of foreboding. Almost as if warning us that our wasteful habits will have dire consequences.