The Maison T Home Offers Peaceful Seclusion in the Heart Of Hanoi

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: nghia-architect & dezeen
The city of Hanoi in Vietnam is one of the most crowded cities in Asia, making it difficult for anyone moving to the area to enjoy a tranquil home in which to live a peaceful and undisturbed life. But this is exactly what Nghia Architect has accomplished with the Maison T, a home that fits plenty of living space in a compact plot of and.

What makes this such a tranquil home is that, despite the limited area, there is a lot of emphasis on outdoor green space. Not only does this give the site a natural feel, but it provides visual separation from the surrounding block and adds to the feeling of peaceful seclusion.

The Maison T home is truly an innovative and important architectural accomplishment because it proves that even in the most crowded cities of Asia where people are continually building upwards and crowding up urban spaces, you can still enjoy a dwelling that functionally and aesthetically isolates you from the hustle and bustle and provides a semblance of quiet.