Ludvig Bruneau Rossow Uses Vintage Toys to Create Funky Lettering

 - Oct 25, 2011
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Did you find some antiquated toys tucked away in the closet at your Grandma's place and don't know what to do with them? Well, so did Ludvig Bruneau Rossow, who then had the ingenious idea to create Train-Set Typography.

The unique Train-Set Typography uses exhibition-worthy train set gems including locomotives, rail road cars, wagon-lits, restaurant cars, railway stations, little houses and even crossings with barriers beautifully arranged and photographed.

Ludvig Bruneau Rossow is a graphic designer from Oslo, Norway. He has been developing editorial designs and visual identities for some time. As he states about his inspirations, "the ideas behind my projects varies from technical to emotional concepts," which is furthered by the inevitable emotional response audience members will have to the typeface as they recall childhood memories of toy train sets.