Hornblasters Locomotive Horns Tame Road Rage

 - Aug 16, 2008
References: hornblasters
Hornblasters locomotive horns replace the diminutive bleat of your automobile with the throaty roar of an authentic train horn or whistle. A train's horn can be clearly heard for miles, whereas a car horn is significantly less powerful. Imagine the fear you'll unleash with one of these horns the next time someone cuts you off on the freeway or narrowly misses hitting you in an intersection. Pedestrians wandering into the street, bikers edging into your lane or pesky skateboarders will all similarly face the wrath of your ear-splitting horn should you cross paths.

Road rage has at last met its match. The Hornblasters website features videos of the horns on the street. Watch the reactions as they honk their horns at passersby!