These Temari Chocolates at Meguro Gajoen are Works of Art

Created as a limited-edition traditional chocolate for Valentine's Day in Japan, the Temari Chocolates were available from Maison G TOKYO at Meguro Gajoen. The Temari Chocolates were handcrafted to perfection and positioned as being a very limited-edition creation from the brand with only five being able to be created each day leaving up to a two-week availability.

The Temari Chocolates were sold in sets of two with one larger and one smaller lantern-inspired traditional chocolate that looked like colourful lanterns that are crafted from old kimono fabrics in the country. The impossibly detailed Temari Chocolate creations look like miniature versions of real temari lanterns yet boast a delicious flavor profile thanks to premium chocolate ingredients like ganache cream and hazelnut crumble.